For investors

Complex mining investments


The total volume of investments is RUB 56.7 bn to be allocated  as follows :

  • prospecting, evaluation RUB 0.8 bn;

  • exploration, design RUB 2.2 bn;

  • infrastructure RUB 4.8 bn,

  • main production RUB 44.3 bn, (including buildings and structures RUB 21.5 bn, equipment RUB 22.8 bn);

  • working capital RUB 4.6 bn.

Thus, the existing first stage of the project life required investments in the amount of RUB 0.9 bn; RUB 0.5 bn was invested from the company's funds .

The second, third and fourth stages require investments in the amount of RUB 7 bn.

The fifth stage, i.e. the construction of a plant, is estimated in the amount of RUB 44.3 bn, out of which RUB 5.0 bn  can be made from production activities and VAT refunds, so the fifth stage requires the investments of RUB 39.3 bn.

Funding Sources

A source of funding for the Start Up stage are funds of the company, initiating the project.

Moreover, it is necessary to attract an investor to the project, who will provide an equity financing in the amount of RUB 7 bn, as well as the provision of guarantees for a debt financing organization in the amount of RUB 35.3 bn.

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